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LGBT consumers are a lucrative demographic, estimated to be worth around £70-£81 Billion in Britain and an estimated $700 Billion in the USA. However, they are also a discerning group and 66% of gay consumers remain loyal to gay-friendly brands even when other companies offer lower prices.

Research has found that 85% of lesbians and gays prefer to buy products or services from a brand that advertises in the LGBT Media or has ad creative specifically targeting them.

Pink! from AccuraCast puts the excitement back in advertising. Our marketing, SEO, PPC and social media services help businesses target gay and lesbian consumers effectively. We could help position your brand prominently in the gay community.

We're not all about pushing boundaries. We deliver results – sales, leads, clicks, visitors and a long-lasting impression of the brands we work with.

Your brand could benefit by reaching the LGBT market. We have the inside knowledge to help you do so effectively. Get in touch to find out more.


Why should you promote your brand to Gay & Lesbian consumers?

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