Pink! AccuraCast

In order to supply the gay and lesbian market with the same winning combination of marketing services that we offer our mainstream, big brand clients, we created Pink!

Historical connotations of the colour pink were not positive. However, like many similar tags, the gay community adopted this one and turned it into something positive.

It is with that same spirit of positive intentions, forward thinking and happy outcomes that we chose to also name the part of our agency that deals with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans gender marketing, Pink.

The exclamation point at the end of the name is there to indicate that the name should always be said in a positive, upbeat way.

In order to find out more about AccuraCast, the parent company, its history, services offered, clientele and much more, please visit the agency homepage:

Pink! is classy

We’re not your average, run-of-the-mill agency. We’ve got attitude, style, charisma and pizzazz.

Not to mention creativity, innovation and brains!

Pink! is sexy

Not your daily cup of tea. We’re changing the way businesses market to gay and lesbian consumers. It’s about creating a buzz and delivering results.

Pink! is gay!!

It’s all about the gays. Not second class citizens. Consumers with a voice and we’re giving them what they want. Nothing short of the best.

Some of our clients

Action for Children  Albert Kennedy Trust   Rainbow Family Holidays   New Family Social

Vertigo Domus Aurea   Gay Homestays